GradedGem Statement –

GradedGem is receiving 100s of enquiries a day and our request to be patient with us has not been taken seriously from a minority of submitters.

The phone is ringing on average every 3 minutes over an 8-hour day, and then FB/ IG & email enquiries are averaging 1 a minute over an 8-hour day.

We are working 12 hours a day here and our team is doing overtime to get the work done as quickly as possible.

The two main concerns are confirmation of receiving post & receiving pre-grades, currently asking people to be patient is taking considerable amount of time instead of completing these tasks.

If you are not happy with the level of service due to this unprecedented demand we do apologize, but unfortunately it is the scenario we have found ourselves in.

Therefore, I have authorized full return of anyone’s cards at our own cost for anyone unhappy with the service.

Simply email with your name & order ID (if applicable) and we’ll set your cards aside for return over this weekend.


–              Connor & Tom.