PSA Grading (Regular – TCG Only)

The price is per card submitted. Please use the quantity box below to add the correct amount of cards to your order.

This is only for submissions that arrive with GradedGem for the April 2021 Deadline. If you have previously submitted and need to make an order, please see the link below.

Package your cards up safely, include a submission slip with your details so we can contact you, and send them to us at:

Connor Davis/ GradedGem (Both or either)
Storagebase 1 Ltd
7 The IO Centre
Jugglers Close
Banbury, Oxfordshire
OX16 3TA

We will confirm we have received your submission.

For following steps, please see: Step-by-Step Guide

Please select the options below to see more details.

All submission MUST use clear sleeves. Please do not submit in semi-clear sleeves or TCG Deck Sleeves: Click Me!

Do not make your order until cards are confirmed to be safe with GradedGem, or if you have requested pregrades, until these are confirmed.

Looking to pay for previous submissions? Please click here.


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