Statement 07/03/21

Hey everyone,

GradedGem is working hard to get all Feb submissions off to PSA asap so submitters can have card submission prices honoured.

In regards to PSA returns as soon as your cards are back we are still operating as normal and will email you from

However we are particularly busy due to the time- sensitive nature of inputting and dispatching cards, so please be patient with us.

We have two current active methods of communication either 0800 599 9892 or

Please see the update video below which focuses on our action for price rises and PSA service changes.

All the best,


Order Updates

A personal unique order update system is currently in development.
This will be released as soon as practically possible.

Updated 2/2/2021

These updates apply only to Essentials and Preferred services (excl. Sports Cards)

These updates are just to be used as guidance as to where general submissions are in the process. 
Currently, there are pandemic related delays at PSA.

Preparing submission:

GradedGem is inputting the cards, and preparing the submission for shipment to PSA.

Orders input:

Cards have been received by PSA and input onto their system to start the process.

Orders grading:

Cards are in the process of being graded by PSA.

Orders in Final Quality Check:

At this stage we number orders in their final checks, or returning to ourselves. This is the last step before we receive your cards!

Deadline – February

We are now collecting submissions for February.

Deadline – January

Submissions dispatched or being prepared for dispatch.

Deadline – November

Awaiting inputting at PSA.

Deadline – October 31st

Awaiting inputting at PSA.

Deadline – September 30th

Orders being input/ input.

Deadline – August 30th

Orders input.

Deadline – July 31st

Orders input / Grading.

Deadline – June 30th

Orders in grading.

Deadline – June 15th

Orders in grading.

Deadline – May 31st

Orders in grading.

Deadline – May 15th

Orders in grading.

Deadline – May 7th

Orders in grading.

Deadline – March 31st


Deadline – February 29th


Deadline – January 31st