Order Updates

Order update system suspended pending fixes.

Order Email Updates

Order update system suspended pending fixes.

All submitters of GradedGem shall now be receiving personal email updates in regards to their orders.

If you have an issue specific to the new system please email – ed@gradedgem.com for them to be fixed.

The order update system combines the information GradedGem has for our submitters and then pulls directly from the PSACard progress tracker to give submitters transparency and ability to track their PSAs orders.

The Steps in the Process

1Arrived at PSAYour submission has arrived at PSA.
2Order PrepYour submission was reviewed, verified, and logged into the system in preparation for processing to begin.
3Research and IDYour submission is being researched so each item can be correctly identified on the PSA label.
4GradingYour submission will go through the authentication and grading process.
5AssemblyPSA labels will be printed, and each eligible item will be sonically sealed within a PSA holder.
6QA Check 1Your grades will be reviewed a second time for accuracy.
7QA Check 2Labels are reviewed for errors, and holders are examined for defects.
8Return ShippingYour items are being shipped back to GradedGem.
9Arrived at Graded GemCards have arrived at GradedGem
10CompletedGraded collectibles have been returned to customer