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GG Update – 22/04/2022

Afternoon All,

Hope everyone is well, please see below our latest update from the team here at GG.

Processing time –

Our processing time did unfortunately hit 6-7 weeks earlier this month due to a big increase in returns coming back from PSA, especially 2021 Express due to amount of submitters per order.
Now though I’m happy to report we’re back to the 4-5 weeks ( another batch of emails going out this evening).
If you are above 5 weeks and don’t have an email by tomorrow, please do email returns@gradedgem.com stating your name and I will investigate this for you. Please do not email returns@gradedgem.com with other queries, seen a big increase in this and realistically it is slowing the flow down.
Essentially the short term goal is to get this down to 3-4 weeks which is definitely achievable moving forward.

Specials –

Obviously specials are a large concern to submitters, however I’m happy to report we have a few orders back ready to start sending emails. This will happen the week commencing the 2nd of May, the objective that week is to clear all specials we currently have in the office. The short answer as to why they don’t clear like normal orders is simply order allocation, the databases we hold aren’t great at assigning the same submission over multiple months. Therefore it’s likely we will ask submitters to provide their order numbers unlike usually when we pick up their orders automatically.

I really do apologise for the delays this has caused, alongside the pressure of processing time there just hasn’t been the time this month to really get these sorted properly, however even if PSA send us 1000 order back week commencing the 2nd of May, they will be my entire focus.

Returns @ emails
Please respond to your email with a very least your address, we need this to dispatch. Unfortunately some submitters pay remaining balance/ VCs and then expect dispatch but to be very clear we need a response to the returns@gradedgem.com email before anything can be dispatched.

Our process –
To help contemplate what the process is the following steps are required to get your graded cards back to you;
FedEx Return box received from PSA
Orders logged in, checked & separated into individual submitters
Value Charges (if applied) assigned to submitters
Cards carefully packed up
Individual communication sent out to each submitter via returns@ with all final details outlined, correct postal address also requested.
Orders logged/account balances confirmed, any outstanding payments allocated then completed.
Postage arranged & package then dispatched to the submitter
I can confirm we date all packages returned to our office, we are working from the date received as this is the fairest way of doing so.
The rest of the update is still active on our site here – https://gradedgem.com/faqs/https://gradedgem.com/faqs/

Wish everyone well and hopefully you’ll get a returns@ email soon!

All the best,



Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the answers to our most frequently asked questions, please contact below if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

What is PSA Grading? And why chooseGradedGem?

PSA authenticates and grades your collectibles, giving them a grade between 1 and 10 based on the quality of the item. For cards, there are four key areas. Corners, Edges, Surfaces, and Centering. The cards are then placed in their own tamper-evident plastic cases, with a label that displays the card’s information, grade, and unique certification number.
PSA is based in California and New Jersey is the most trusted & popular grading service in the world.

GradedGem is an Official PSA Dealer, offering £1000 per card insurance as standard and started in the UK in 2016 with Connor (GradedGroudon) and in 2018 Tom (BaseSetTom) joined the team.
GradedGem has submitted over 250,000 cards to PSA over the past 5 years, with over £2,000,000 worth of collectibles being sent through us.

We show all collectibles off in Submission & Returns Videos, as well as talking about our thoughts on trading cards and the current environment of the hobby over on YouTube

We are collectors ourselves and try to help collectors in the ways we can, and try to make the grading process as simple as possible.

How do I order?

Orders start by sending your cards to GradedGem. You then fill out a submission slip which can be found at “downloads”. Place this form in with your submission.

For Sports cards and Special ‘other collectible’ services, it is necessary to fill in the individual card information, this is done via a submission form which you can find here – “downloads

Once we’ve confirmed the arrival of your submission, and undertaken pre-grades if applicable, then an order needs to be created on the site.

How and where do I send my submission?

Submissions for Trading Cards must be in clear sleeves, please do not place tape over semi-rigids / toploaders, but rather use bubble wrap around your submission.

Submissions for all services must include a submission slip.

The submission slip must have the correct service circled, so we can organise your submission correctly, as well as the total amount of items you have sent.

The address to send to is:

Connor Davis/ GradedGem (Both or either)
Storagebase 1 Ltd
7 The IO Centre
Jugglers Close
Banbury, Oxfordshire
OX16 3TA

Then please wait on email confirmation of submission received from GradedGem, this can take up to 2 working days, weekend deliveries confirmed Monday.

Should I send in card information with my submission?

Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards do not need to be listed with information, however it would be appreciated if other TCGs accompany a list of their information so labels are correct returning from PSACard.

Although this is not compulsory and we will always do our best to research card details correctly.

What cards can GradedGem grade?

GradedGem can grade any card that is in the PSA registry (if you can find a PSA graded example, we can grade it).

Items not found on the PSA registry, please contact us to see if we think we can get it graded.


How do you ensure you never mix cards?

We have our own database and storage systems that separates each submitter, with multiple checks at each stage of the process.

Are my cards insured?

Items sent to PSA, and being returned from PSA, are insured for a max value per parcel of up to £75,000. GradedGem, to their best efforts, will ensure parcels are always under this maximum declared value.

This provides cover for theft, loss or damage of the items including full or partial stolen goods, items going missing and damages such as accidental damage, impact, fire, water damage etc. All items are sent by, and received via, FedEx Express.

Items are insured for ungraded value on their way to PSA, and for their graded value upon return from PSA (up to the max value per parcel) and up to a maximum of £1000 per card.

Upon any potential claim, market price is used via eBay sold listings, if no sold listings, then it would be required for the submitter to have a receipt of their purchase to prove value.


Do you pregrade my cards? How much does it cost?

Yes we can pre-grade your cards for you, it is an option for most services we offer, if not sure please double check on the product pages.

Any cards that are taken out at this point of the process will be packaged up to be returned to yourself. We will ask you for the postage cost to return these cards immediately, as we can’t store cards that aren’t being graded.

If you would prefer to pre-grade your own cards and save some money please see the below helpful links.

Please see PSA Grading standards here – PSA Card

We can also recommend this article at – PSACollector

Pre- Grading Fair Use Policy

Pre-Grading Fair Use Policy

At GradedGem we operate differently in regards to pre-grades to our competitors.

We have this system to give submitters a chance to have pre-grades without penalty of additional charges as we always have believed your fee should go to PSA grading.

This means we do ask for fair usage of our pre-grading system –

– Submitting cards to GradedGem you have the intention to grade with PSA if pre-grades are within your expectations.
– Expectation not to pull more than 25% of your submitted cards, it could be investigated if we feel submitter has exploited our Pre- Grading service.

This is to protect hours being used up pre-grading hundreds of cards for only small % of cards to be submitted.

If investigation concludes the pre-grading service was exploited, GradedGem reserves the right to not pre-grade your future submissions.

If you are unsure on what cards you should or shouldn’t grade and you would like our advise on how to research cards & prices and how to pre-grade cards please reach out and we are happy to assist.

What payment plans are offered?

3 payment split, 2 payment split, 1 payment split (4, 3 or 2 payments including a deposit)
Payments can be made in My Account -> My Payments

Your next payment will be enabled as soon as you make your last payment.

For example if you have a 3 payment split, after your deposit, payment 1 will be active. After that is made, payment 2 will be active, etc

Payment Plans are offered at no additional cost, however these are offered at our full discretion on a customer by customer basis, and we reserve the right to refuse submitters from this offer.

How long after the deadline does it take for PSA to receive my cards?

Depending of the volume of submissions for each service level, we aim to get all submissions to PSA within 2 weeks.

To help GradedGem to be able to offer the best service possible, please follow all procedure and instructions.

When will I be updated about my PSA Submission?

A personal unique order update system is currently in development.

This will be released as soon as practically possible.

All order updates will now be hosted on our ORDER UPDATES page.

When your cards are returning to us we reach out to confirm your address.

Every month there will be an update video in regards to everything GradedGem, you can find our channel here.

An overall month-by-month update on submissions is available here which is updated every Friday evening.

How long until I get my graded cards back?

The expected turnarounds for each service are on each service page.

However, external factors can affect this, such as PSA Closures and demand for their services.

Demand is currently extremely high for PSA services, therefore delays are to be expected.


What are Value Charges?

PSA can charge additionally for cards that have a considerably higher value after grading.

Please see PSA Card

The submitter will be responsible for any value charges their cards attain, GradedGem will pay these charges immediately as to get PSA return’s as quickly as possible, however the submitter will have to pay these charges before graded cards are returned to submitter.

Approximate value charges breakdown pricing tiers on Standard service:
Value once graded ~$200-$500 
Value once graded ~$500 -$1000 
Value once graded ~£1000-$1500 & then above.

Value Charges are will be lower on Express/ Express + submissions as you are entitled to higher value limits and you pay a higher initial cost. 

PSA Pricing specialists may decide to levy charges dependant on values of cards they use https://www.psacard.com/auctionprices/

GradedGem can provide proof of any value charge. GradedGem only raise charges if PSA raise them on an order and charges are raised at the end of the process.

We will never ask for value charges to be paid until after the grading process.

I'm under 18, can I still use GradedGem?

Under 18s must use an adult to submit their cards, and be their primary source of contact and responsibility for GradedGem Submissions.

Can I send cards in with other people?

GradedGem does not officially support multi-person submissions from submitters.

Cards are sorted and input to give the best chance of favourable grading returns.

When submitting on behalf of yourself it means responsibilities between ourselves and yourself are committed to.

If you submit via a third party to ourselves we can not provide you with updates, customer service or any financial insurance commitments, this would all be committed to the third party. 

For the best GradedGem experience we heavily encourage submitting for yourself on behalf of yourself.


How often do you send to PSA?

We send the standard PSA Grading services once per month, with the deadline being at the end of the month.

Our express services are sent off once per month, with the deadline being near the middle of the month.

Our Specials are submitted once every two months, with the deadline being the end of the 2 month period.


European submitters and Brexit

The Brexit withdrawal agreement negotiated between the UK & EU means no tariffs on goods between the EU & UK. 

This mean’s it will have little to no impact on our service. 

Official GradedGem EU Services will not be affected by Brexit changes and all charges will be inclusive for those services.

We encourage submitters to submit with their local GradedGem service if possible.

Please see list below –


So no need to hesitate, Submit your cards!


I'm a EU based submitter, can I still use GradedGem UK?

We now advise all EU located submitters use EU GradedGem Hubs.

Germany- Link – Contact- pablo@gradedgem.com

Italy- Link – Contact- alessio@gradedgem.com

Belgium- Link – Contact- laurent@gradedgem.com

Switzerland- Link – Contact- simon@gradedgem.com

Norway- Link –  Contact- mats@gradedgem.com

Getting the cards to us (at your preferred insurance level) is your responsibility. 


Your cards will also be on YouTube, one video documenting submission and another for the returns this allows you to document the full turnaround and show off your trading cards. Best of luck with your Grades!


If you have an Instagram, eBay or any other social media account you want to be shared on the video please do let us know.

Will my cards be featured on YouTube?

You can choose this option when submitting on the submission slip 🙂

All Special submissions (excluding Reholders) are shown in PSA Returns videos.

Where are my old orders / payment plans?

If you want to see your old orders or make payments on previously made payment plans, please visit https://classic.gradedgem.com


If you want to see your old orders or make payments on previously made payment plans, please visit https://classic.gradedgem.com

Is the price per card, or per 1-9 cards?

The price for any bracket is per card or per special item.

For example, one card submitted in Preferred would be in the 1-9 cards bracket of £10.49 per card, therefore costing £10.49 total.
3 cards submitted would be in the same bracket, so would cost 3 * £10.49 = £31.47 total.

Order lagging on checkout?

Please do NOT refresh the checkout page, as this can create duplicate orders.

After pressing Place Order, please check your emails and your “My Account -> My Orders” page to check to see if your order has been processed.